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Who am I? The owner of WebApps4u and the founder of Islandworks and InCourse.

I am the founder of Islandworks B.V. and WebApps4u. Islandworks is a company targeting educational and medical games. In june 2011 I graduated  from the university of applied science - The Netherlands with a BICT in Communication and Multimedia design. During the last years I have developed (mobile) webapplications. Since beginning 2008 I periodicaly worked as a freelancer on different web apps and software. The main project I work on is for Islandworks and named InCourse.

During my study I also competited in different game compeititions and have I been active for the Creativehosting (a game and web hosting company) community as a gameserver administrator. Currently I have 4 TeamFortress 2 servers under my management aswell as 7 game moderators.

During my work and spare time I frequently used Irrlicht as  a graphics engine for games and applications which resulted that in 2010 I became a Irrlicht team member and head of the competition part of the community.

I have also worked on numerous freelance commission projects. I enjoy programming, designing, drawing, painting and walking in my spare time, and am always exploring the world for inspiration.