Interactive tutorial

Published on 2/19/2014 11:03:03 AM by Admin. Edited on 12/30/2019 9:15:16 PM by Admin

How did I make the a game in 48 hours during the Ludum Dare game competition?

I promised myself to practice more on 2d game art and I still needed to write a tutorial about the GameCreator. So I combined these two together. The result? A fun tutorial inside a 2d game. Play through the small game and learn how the GameCreator works.

How did I get this far? 

I started off with a quick sketch of a small world followed by a concept and later the game:

A quick sketch of the game's design

The game's concept

After I finished the visual concept I continued on creating the game inside the editor without any eye candy. It became a green but well testable version which I could later colour and prettify.

The game inside the editor being designed

After merging everything:

The finished version of the game.

Try the game now!