Ludum Dare contest 25

Published on 12/14/2012 5:03:14 PM by Admin.

This weekend I'm going to participate in the 25th Ludum Dare competition. In a few hours the game theme will be chosen and we'll have 48 hours to build a game on the given theme. The game should contain code and resources we created in the 48 hours including sounds, audio, image and sprites.

This will be my second Ludum Dare.

Depending on what the theme and my idea will be: c++ or html5

Language: C++ or Html5 with Jquery
OS of choice: Windows 8
Graphics Library of choice: Irrlicht or Html5
Audio library of choice: Irrklang or Html5
3D Graphics: 3dsMax
2D Graphics: Photoshop/Illustrator
Audio: Audicity & Anvil.

I’ll try and post a “How did I do it” on the end as I did last time.

Last years entry (LD22): World Alone.
WorldAlone The room

My Ludum Dare profile and the entries