Results Ludumdare 28

Published on 1/8/2014 1:18:57 PM by Admin. Edited on 12/30/2019 9:25:48 PM by Admin

Ludum Dare 28 results are in, how did I score this time?

On tuesday the Ludumdare Judging closed and the results got published. My results can be found here. My results are't great this time. But differently than the previous dares I tried out the Islandworks GameCreator which also bound me to use 2d art instead my trusty favorite 3d art. Added that I could't think up a good idea and got stuck most of the first day I think the results are okay for the game I created.

The most important things I learned during the Dare are't the skills needed to create a game, but to market it. Over the course of the dare I tried to publish every hour a new entry in my Ludumdare Live blog and during the judging I actively participated in the discussion about the entries using mainly Twitter. Even without a winning entry I generated a lot of interest and plays on my game.

I'm not sure when I'll be competing again. Atleast on December 2014, and if possible next April. I'll going to try and use the gamecreator again to show myself that I'm able to create a better game in 2d!