The Island: Skyworld

Published on 2/16/2012 9:35:20 PM by Admin. Edited on 12/30/2019 9:33:47 PM by Admin

After several months of planning and building we finally finished our game Skyworld.

After several months of planning and building we finally finished our game Skyworld. The team was made out of 4 members with there own specialized tasks. The game is made for the DreamBuildPlay contest hosted by XNA and the XBOX 360.
The gameplay video url can be found lower

A part of the Synopsis:
Skyworld. Home to thousands of floating islands and warring factions. These islands are resourceful, rich in gold veins and other natural resources. When these resources run out, factions move on to other islands.

But what if they encounter another faction that has already occupied the island?

Choose between two factions, the modern Industrials or the thundering Cloudsurfers, and lead them to victory! Become the ultimate ruler over Skyworld by smashing anyone who stands in your way with unstoppable armies consisting of units that can destroy entire islands!

This game is a real time strategy game. Therefore it is very important that the player can navigate and do everything with a minimal amount of input. This makes the game fast paced and very easy to handle. To further increase the simplicity the player is able to form fleets consisting of several units. This makes it possible to select and manage loads of units at the same time.

The player starts with an island where he has his headquarters. As the game progresses the player can build new buildings and accumulate resources to build an army. The player can send his units to other islands to capture and colonize them. The opposing factions will try to do the same so it does't take long before conflict arises. When either of the factions does't control any more islands, the game ends and the other factions wins.

A gameplay video: